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Moving to Switzerland

Moving is almost always stressful, especially when it comes to not only changing the place of residence, but also the country. For people who are planning to move abroad, Euromove offers a number of professional services that we used to refer to as relocation services. These services are addressed to private persons and entrepreneurs, in particular companies posting employees from work outside the country of residence.

Moving to Switzerland: How to Prepare to Live Outside the EU?

Moving to Switzerland presents additional challenges that people moving to other EU countries do not come into contact with. Therefore, it is worth starting its preparation with a solid homework. It is very important to complete all formalities related to the change of place of residence, as well as the legal transport of individual components of the property.

As an experienced company, we offer much more than transport services and assistance in loading and unloading furniture. Customers can count on professional support at every stage of the relocation process - from assistance with formal issues to the care of an Advisor whose task is to help them settle in a new place.

Switzerland: Moving step by step

We start organizing the move with consultations. This is a good time to define all the details and recognize the client's needs and expectations as to the scope of our participation in the entire process. As standard during the meeting:

  • - we define the scope of formal issues requiring attention,
  • - we define the scope and type of property requiring transport,
  • - we define the client's needs in the field of packaging and packaging materials,
  • - we choose the most optimal form of transport,
  • - we determine the scope of services provided in the new place of residence (unloading, furniture assembly, care of a local consultant),
  • - we set a schedule for the implementation of individual stages of the move.


The vast majority of removals to Switzerland are carried out in the "door to door" variant, which is synonymous with comprehensive service of the entire process at every stage of its implementation. As part of the service, in addition to the standard transport of property, we provide:


  • - comfortable transport of pets,
  • - safe transport of works of art (paintings, sculptures, installations, ceramics and others),
  • - transport of passenger cars.

We encourage clients interested in using relocation services to contact us. We will be happy to answer all your questions and concerns. A professionally prepared and planned move to Switzerland is a great beginning of a new chapter in your life.