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The following privacy policy aims to inform users about how their personal and user data is gathered, stored, and protected, especially in regard to the new legislation regarding the protection of personal data, that is the European Parliament and EU Council Directive 2016/679 dated 27.04.2016 pertaining to the protection of particulars in regard to the use of their personal data and the free flow of said data, and the repeal of the 95/46/WE („RODO”) directive, by Euromove International Movers Sp. z o.o., henceforth referred to as Euromove, registered under the KRS number KRS 0000344239, NIP 1231094958, REGON 140717577, headquartered at Al. Krakowska 210 A, 05-552 Łazy. The following privacy policy is used in all cases in which Euromove is the administrator of the personal data and use thereof. It pertains to the use of personal data directly from the person involved, and the data obtained from other sources. Euromove complies with its informational duties in relation to both of these cases, as stipulated by articles 13 and 14 RODO and in accordance with them.

I. Information gathered and used by Euromove.<

Euromove users are anonymous, until they decide not to be. People visiting or using services carried out electronically, have control over the personal data that is transferred to Euromove. Euromove gathers and uses the minimum necessary data required to carry out services at the quality level that is expected. The webpage gathers information about the web browser used and its version, the operating system, and the IP address of the user, as well as the date and time of the use of the webpage, information about the site from which the user arrived at (the so-called referrer), as well as information about the pages which were opened by the user's system due to the webpage. The webpage also gathers information freely submitted by the user in the contact form, filled out at the Euromove webpage. The form requires the submitting of information that allows contacting the user (such as an e-mail address). The information is used to contact the users and to more adequately present the content in accordance with the users' needs and interests. The data in the contact form are used for the purpose of the specific form, for example for commercial contact or to carry out services.

II. Sharing submitted personal data with other entities

The personal data of users are not shared with other entities. The data is administered by Euromove International Movers Sp. z o.o., Al. Krakowska 210 A, 05-552 Łazy as per the European Parliament and EU Council Directive 2016/679 dated 27.04.2016 and based on the users' consent.

III. The right to inspect, correct and remove data

Every user has the right to:

• access their personal data,

• repeal their consent for the use of data, if Euromove uses the data basing on their consent,

• demand correcting personal data,

• demand the removal of personal data,

• demand limiting the use of personal data,

• voice their protest against the use of personal data

• transfer their personal data, used basing on consent or a contract

• complain to the appropriate institution that takes care of protecting personal data, that is, the President of the Personal Data Protection Office (UODO).

EuroMove allows their users the choice whether and to what extent they want to use the webpage and share their personal data. Our webpage is available without the necessity to provide personal data, however some services, such as contact forms, require submission of personal data.

IV. Cookies policy utilises cookies for its operation. By using the site you consent to their storage or use. The following cookies policy pertains to all websites and mobile applications, belonging to Euromove.

What are cookies.

Cookies are small computer files, sent by the server and saved on the user's end (usually on the hard drive). The cookies' basic parameters permit reading the information contained within only to the server, that had created them. Cookies are most commonly used in the case of sites requiring log-in to monitor the users' activities. The personal data collected using cookies is encrypted, to prevent unlawful access. If a user does not consent to monitoring their activities at the webpage, they can disable cookies at any time in their web browser.

Cookies are used by Euromove for the purposes of:

• adjusting the site and personalising the content to the user's preferences

• keeping the user's session open after login,

• facilitating moving within the webpage and using it,

• gathering statistical data that enumerates the ways users use the webpage,

• optimising the advertisements and marketing offer for a particular user of the webpage.

• upholding security standards

Euromove uses "permanent" cookies, which remain in the web browser until deletion by the user or up until a timeframe specified within the cookie itself. In order to analyse users' behaviour, Euromove uses Google Analytics, the web analytics service offered by Google Inc. (henceforth referred to as "Google"). Google Analytics uses cookies, which are stores in the users' devices and allow for an analysis of the users' webpage use. Cookies used by Google Analytics can be temporary or permanent, and are usually valid for no longer than two years. Managing cookies

All modern web browsers allow to enable or disable cookies (by default, they're usually enabled). If a user doesn't want to receive cookies, they can change their browser settings. The information on changing the settings in the browsers can be found for the respective browsers at the respective pages for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari

V. Online forms and submissions

The Euromove webpage allows its users to contact the company using a contact form. In order to use said form it is usually necessary for users to submit their personal data to Euromove. These data are used only for the purposes for which they were provided and with explicit consent of the user.

VI. Changes to the privacy policy

Euromove controls the stipulations of the Privacy policy and reserves the right to change said Policy if necessary or demanded by new legislation, new guidelines from organisations responsible for the oversight of the processes of personal data protection, or best practices in the area of personal data protection. Euromove also reserves the right to alter this Privacy policy in the event of the change of technology using which Euromove uses personal data (if its change influences the stipulations of this document), as well as to change the means, aims or law basis of the use of personal data by Euromove.