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Moving to Germany

Moving to Germany may be difficult. One of the basic doubts within the Schengen Area is raised by the formalities related to the legal importation of individual items of property into Germany. It is worth taking care of vaccinating your pet early enough and completing the formalities related to the transport of works of art, passenger cars and motorcycles across the border. It is also worth taking care in advance about choosing the right moving company, which will be entrusted with the transport of property, and perhaps also the organization of basic living issues in the new place of residence.


Moving to Germany: Where to start?


Euromove is an experienced relocation company with a pan-European reach. Our portfolio includes steaks of successful relocations in Poland and Europe. We start each move - domestic and foreign - with consultations. During the meeting with the client, we define the scope of the service and the form of its implementation. We advise on the choice of transport and methods of securing property for the duration of the trip. We also help clients in completing all necessary formalities related to the forwarding of individual components of the achievements. In addition to the standard transport of furniture and property, we provide:

  • - safe transport of pets,
  • - transport of works of art, regardless of the size,
  • - transport of passenger cars.


We provide transport services via road, sea and air transport. Where possible, we recommend road transport. His choice is supported by:


  • - adequate securing of property in the vehicle,
  • - minimization of loading and unloading events before reaching the destination,
  • - favorable price.


We have a modern fleet of vehicles, thanks to which we can provide transport services at an even higher level. The interiors of our vehicles have been designed and made in such a way as to offer the possibility of comprehensive protection of property, and at the same time the possibility of safe transport of oversized and non-standard items in terms of size or shape. In practice, this translates into the possibility of providing any transport service.



Germany in the "door to door" variant


We provide removal services in the "door to door" variant. "Door to door" is a comprehensive removal service, as part of which we offer:

  • - support in completing all formalities related to the change of place of residence and transport of property across borders,
  • - necessary packaging and packaging materials,
  • - property handling (securing, packing, transport, unloading, furniture assembly),
  • - disposal of unnecessary packaging and packaging materials,
  • - support of a Caregiver who will help you to settle in in your new place of residence.