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Transportation of works of art

The transport of works of art requires the provision of appropriate conditions at every stage of the service - from securing the work of art, through its safe transport, to unloading at the destination. Often, it is necessary to have access to appropriate technical facilities, which enable safe loading / unloading of large-size canvases, sculptures and installations. Due to the nature of the service, not all transport and removal companies undertake the service of works of art.


Euromove has many years of experience in the implementation of demanding transport services, including the transport of works of art. We transport works of art throughout the country and Europe. We also provide support in completing all formalities enabling safe and lawful transport of works of art across the borders of individual countries.


How do we transport works of art?

We start providing the service with an inspection of a work of art that requires transport. On this basis, we recommend appropriate security measures and the most optimal means of transport for the direction chosen by the client. We have road, sea and air transport at our disposal.


After determining all the details related to the planned transport, we proceed to the service. At this stage, we support our clients in securing a work of art in such a way as to reduce the risk of possible damage to an absolute minimum - remember that taking and carrying works of art into construction works is one of the main risks during their relocation. It may be difficult to limit communication routes, so in the case of large and relatively small canvases, we recommend additional protection of the corners.



If you are interested in using professional transport services for works of art, please contact us. Our specialists will answer all your questions and help you choose the most optimal variant of the service. Where possible, we recommend road transport, which we provide with the use of specially prepared vehicles. Their interiors have been designed and made in such a way as to enable comprehensive protection of property during transport.