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We offer a professional worldwide maritime shipping service.O 
It is the most popular and most cost-effective way to transport belongings, especially large-sized, to another place on the planet. Moving belongings that way takes on average 5-8 weeks.

We carefully pick maritime shipping lines and international partners in the shipping business, who take care of maritime shipment for us. At a client's request we take care of all the formalities pertaining to the preparation, transport and unloading of their belongings. We secure your belongings to the max, to make sure it reaches its destination unscathed. 

We offer full cargo loads, (FCL), using 20 and 40 feet containers. Less than container loads (LCL) arrangements are also possible.  
We also have at our disposal wooden crates (of about 6 cubic meters), which, after filling out, we put in the containers.

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