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EuroMove is a company with years of experience in the shipping business - experience gained in the domestic and foreign markets. we are part of the German Hasenkamp group, which exists and has been growing for over 100 years. We offer only certified, quality services according to the DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 standards.

We do our best to offer highest quality services, which will fully satisfy our clients. To service your orders, we hire highly qualified staff and cooperate with reliable foreign partners, who have been supporting our operations in international markets for years. Shipping within Europe is completely carried out by our company.

When carrying out orders, we assume responsibility for your valuables, and thus we strive to engineer new, even better logistical solutions. we have always followed this rule and aim to do so in the future, to reach highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Thanks to our experience and high levels of commitment, we are able to face new challenges, guaranteeing high quality, security, while also keeping in mind the importance of protecting the environment. we are proud that we have been able to remain an independent, family business, that enjoys high levels of trust among domestic and foreign clients.

We have at our disposal our own, modern vehicle fleet, with vehicles appropriate for the shipping of various goods and equipped with the requisite security systems. As per the client's request, we prepare and carry out the shipping service, from arranging the documentation, through packaging the shipment, arranging permits, transport, to unloading and unpackaging the goods. The services are executed in a door to door manner.

We understand perfectly how valuable their belongings are to our clients, and so taking maximum security precautions is of utmost importance to us. The insurance policy completely covers all risks to the goods transported.

We offer road, air, as well as maritime transport, as well as warehousing and relocating services. We offer professional support at all stages of the order.

We encourage everyone that expects well thought-out solutions and a professional approach to shipping to get in touch. Thanks to us you will relocate your belongings to any place on the planet - in one piece :)


Of great importance to us is the matter of responsibility over our operations, over innovation, as well as the matter of communication and training - all to meet our quality targets. The quality management system in Hasenkamp is subject to a voluntary annual audit control within the standards of DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, as well certification by accredited certifying organisations such as Dekra, FAIM Coordination Center, Capgemini or Ernst & Young. Our aim is to offer services that are environment-friendly. We do our best to be sure that we follow all legislation in the realm of environmental protection.

Protecting the environment is a global challenge. Maintaining natural resources whilst simultaneously using them should be considered a long-term ecological approach, which in itself is an investment in the future. We save money by effectively using materials and using water in a balanced manner. We use and promote existing saving possibilities, and we focus on implementing effective technological solutions rather than ill-conceived limits. Thanks to this strategy, our company continues to thrive.

All operational and administrative processes are formulated and documented in order to comply with the aforementioned quality and environmental stipulations. These operations allow us to guarantee a constant optimisation process.