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Moving to Norway

Moving abroad is incomparably more stressful than the already very stressful relocation within your home country. Therefore, for people who plan to live in a foreign country, we offer professional removal and relocation services. Our services are directed to private persons and companies posting employees to work outside the Republic of Poland.


Moving to Norway: What should I remember?


The main issue is formalities. When planning a trip to Norway, remember to complete them, especially if you plan to bring your four-legged pet, a work of art or your existing car to the country.

Dealing with the formalities accompanying the organization of the move is just the tip of the iceberg, which is climbed by every person planning to relocate outside their current country of residence. The Euromove brand has been successfully supporting such people for years by offering comprehensive service of international removals in the "door to door" variant.

Norway "door to door": What can we offer?

Moving to Norway in the "door to door" variant includes comprehensive customer support at every stage of the process of changing the place of residence. It all starts with a meeting with an Eouromove Consultant. During consultations, we define, among others:

  • - scope and type of property to be transported,
  • - the scope and type of formalities necessary to be completed in connection with the transport of property (transport of animals, works of art, passenger cars or motorcycles),
  • - the scope of formalities necessary to complete in connection with the stay in Norway, with which the client needs help,
  • - Customer's demand for packaging materials and services for packing and securing property during transport,
  • - preferred type of transport,
  • - the scope of possible care of the Adviser in the new place of residence.


Where possible, we recommend road transport, because it involves a smaller number of loading and unloading events of the transported property - in practice, loading takes place in the current place of residence, and unloading in a new place. This significantly reduces the risk of possible losses during transport.


Moving to Norway: Comprehensively, efficiently and without unpleasant surprises

We encourage clients interested in using relocation services to contact us. We will be happy to answer all your questions and concerns. We are convinced that thanks to professional preparation, your move to Norway will go according to plan.