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Transport of passenger cars

Relocation often involves the need to transport a car from the current place of residence to a new country. In a situation where, for various reasons, we do not want to cover the distance that separates us with our own means of transport, car transport comes to the rescue. Passenger car transport is a specialized service provided only by selected transport companies.


EuroMove offers comprehensive car moving services. Within Europe, the transport is carried out overland, using our modern vehicle fleet. When dealing with overseas transport, we use containers. Thanks to this, the transport of cars runs smoothly, is safe and is the most profitable for the customer in terms of finances



Car transport - a comprehensive service for individual and business clients


We have extensive experience in the field of passenger car transport. We transport private customer vehicles and fleet cars. If necessary, we can bring a company car damaged outside its borders to the country. As part of transport outside the territory of the European Union, we provide full customs services. At the same time, we offer professional assistance in completing all formalities related to the transport of the vehicle to the selected destination.


The car moving service consists of:


  • A consultation with an EuroMove representative
  • Picking up the car from the owner
  • Preparing the proper report of reception (the so called Car check)
  • Loading and securing the car in a truck / container
  • Overland / maritime transport to the destination
  • Unloading the vehicle/li>


We encourage customers interested in ordering a car transport to contact us. Our representative will answer all your questions and explain the intricacies of the service step by step, depending on the chosen destination.


Attention! Important information!


For safety's sake, the transported car should have a minimal amount of gas in the tank. If necessary, we can organize refueling the vehicle after unloading.