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Moving to Ireland

Relocation can be stressful, especially if we move abroad. Therefore, for people planning to move internationally, we offer comprehensive relocation services, under which we provide professional assistance at every stage of the move and immediately after its completion. Our services are aimed at private individuals and business clients who post employees to work abroad.

Stress-free moving to Ireland - step by step

We start cooperation with the client with consultations. Their purpose is to define the specifics of the move:

- scope and type of property to be transported,

- the scope and type of formalities necessary in connection with the transport of property (transport of animals, works of art, passenger cars or motorcycles),

- customer's demand for packaging materials,

- the scope of possible care of the Adviser in the new place of residence.

As an experienced company carrying out relocations throughout Europe, we have the knowledge necessary for meticulous and substantive planning of international removals. At the same time, for the needs of customers who change their country of residence, we offer consulting services, thanks to which it is much easier to organize and settle in a new place.

Depending on the client's expectations, we can offer three ways of transporting property: road, sea and air. Where possible, we recommend road transport. We have a modern fleet of vans, thanks to which we can guarantee the safety of the transported property at every stage of transport. An additional advantage of road transport is the limitation of loading and unloading traffic to the absolute minimum, which significantly reduces the risk of damage in transport.

Moving to Ireland "door to door"

The "door to door" service is dedicated to the most demanding customers. This is a comprehensive removal service, in which we deal with the entire process - from helping to organize the necessary formalities, through packing and securing property during transport, to assembly of furniture at the destination.