About us

Euromove International Movers Sp. z o.o. is a company that is part of the Hasenkamp group, founded on the basis of the years of experience in the moving market. With great success, we offer our services both domestically and globally. We carry out our moving services in a "door to door" manner.

Moves within Europe are completely carried out by our company. we have many trusted domestic and foreign partners. Having at our disposal our own means of transport and highly qualified employees, we're able to guarantee full control over the service at any stage.

Our employees

Euromove's most valuable asset are its employees. They are instrumental to the company's significance, and it is thanks to them that we constantly succeed and take on increasingly difficult challenges our clients put before us. 

Our services

Our mission - the completion of which is our collective success - is to provide highest quality shipping services, approaching every client in an individual manner. 

"door to door"

Euromove has years of experience in servicing moves, both domestic and foreign. We know how difficult, stressful and time consuming such enterprises can be, which is why we support our clients, offering professionalism, commitment, punctuality, and a guarantee of quality. Our team is comprised of qualified staff, with excellent manners, knowledge and enthusiasm. We aim to carry out our services at the highest quality level, in a manner that's punctual, reliable and safe.

We approach every order in an individual manner, taking into account the client's needs and expectations. We offer services related to every stage of a move, supporting you regardless of what step you're at.

Assistance in moving - professionally and comprehensively

We also offer a comprehensive, "door to door" service which we carry out at a client's request. It consists of preparing a move at every stage - from collecting the documentation, disassembly, packaging, loading, through transport, unpackaging and assembly, to the disposal of the used packaging. We take care of all the formalities in regard to permits and insurance. We organize relocations of business clients regardless of the industry represented. We provide removal services for the needs of offices, service and service and commercial premises, premises from the HoReCa industry and others. As one of the few companies on the Polish market, we provide professional assistance for the needs of industrial and warehouse facilities. We have experience in the relocation of machines, technological lines and entire production plants.

We also offer removal services for natural persons. Using modern and innovative solutions in the field of security and transport, we operate quickly and efficiently, and at the same time without damage to the relocated property.

Removal - transportation of property

Where a move is planned, the transport of property becomes a key issue. Especially in the case of the transport of unusual items. Having at our disposal a high quality technical facilities and a modern vehicle fleet, we're able to transport practically everything, such as: large size objects, delicate objects, means of transport (cars, scooters, motorcycles, bicycles), pets, and more. An order can deal with one item or the entirety of your belongings.

Choose us to work with - our services are based on professionalism and experience. We offer a consultant's assistance. We handle removals throughout the country and all over Europe

We offer moving services over any distance domestically and globally, in accordance with the highest standards, using a modern vehicle fleet, adapted to transport goods of different size. We guarantee the highest level of care for your belongings.

We offer a professional top-quality global service. We carefully handpick maritime shippers and international partners in the shipping business, with whom we have been working for years. We carry out the orders taking into account all the necessary security precautions.

We offer professional transport of goods to any place in the world. We have a wealth of knowledge and years of experience, and we cooperate with reliable partners. We offer full control and security when carrying out the order.

For many years we have dealt with transporting and distributing furniture.

We guarantee the highest level of precautions, ensuring full safety of your goods during transport. We have at our disposal modern vehicles adapted to this end as well as specialised staff.

We offer the appropriate insurance.

We have years of experience, and a carefully prepared global pet transport service, carried out in accordance with the Veterinary Inspectorate's guidelines. We guarantee your pets with the safest and the most comfortable travel conditions. We offer insurance.

We offer comprehensive service in the realm of transporting passenger cars. We take orders globally, using overland or maritime shipping. When dealing with transport outside of the EU we offer full customs services and all the necessary insurance.

Euromove offers comprehensive services to our clients, which means that we're eager to help at any stage of a move - also when small services are involved, such as carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, etc.



Euromove also offers warehousing services. Everyone who needs to store their goods during renovations, moving, or who'd simply want more space at their home, can get in touch.


At our clients' disposal is a modern, professionally equipped warehouse, in which the goods are stored in conditions which guarantee safety and highest standards. We offer wooden containers, built specifically to store your belongings, which for extra protection are secured with packaging materials. Thanks to this, the owners can be sure, that they will find their belongings the same way they left them.


The Euromove warehousing service consists of:

► Loading packaged items in containers

► Preparing an inventory list (three copies) of the goods to be warehoused

► Warehousing in safe locations under surveillance

► The possibility of short and long term storage



The advice in this section of the page mostly deals with packaging items, as well as securing electrical appliances, etc. Additionally, we point out things to look out for when assembling and disassembling furniture. We encourage you to familiarise yourself with said advice.

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