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Luggage storage - storage of furniture and movable property

Renovation, moving, periodic travel abroad, the need to find additional space in a house or apartment - anyone can find themselves in this or a similar situation. How to then take care of the storage of furniture and other movable property? The answer is professional storage of things, in which we can store property for the duration of renovation or stay abroad.


The Euromove company offers a warehousing service. Our service is aimed at people who are looking for a place to store things for the duration of renovation, moving or during their absence in the country. Euromove's belongings store offers storage for furniture, home or business furnishings, toys, clothes and much more.



Storage of furniture and movable property


We offer our clients a modern, professionally equipped warehouse, where things are stored in conditions that guarantee safety and the highest standards. We have special containers dedicated to the storage and storage of customers' property, which are additionally secured with packaging materials. This gives us confidence that even in the event of random events beyond our control, the stored property is secured in the best possible way. We maintain a constant temperature and air humidity in the warehouse. Thanks to this, the owners can be sure that they will find their property unchanged.


What does Euromove's luggage storage offer?


One of our specialties is the storage of furniture, which does not exclude the possibility of storing small property in the Euromove warehouse. The storage service includes, among others:

  • - loading packed items into containers (we do not deal with individual packaging and securing of stored property, but we are happy to provide advice and assistance in the most ergonomic use of the container space and the most effective protection of delicate items during storage),
  • - preparation of an inventory list (we make a list in three copies, we note on the list each item intended for storage),
  • - storage in safe and monitored spaces (the offered storage conditions for furniture and items minimize damage caused by external factors, as well as the possibility of mistakenly handing over property to another person or theft).


Regardless of whether you decide to store furniture or other items, you can use the service provided in the short and long term. We offer our clients:


  • - pallet places
  • - small boxes with a volume of 3 m3
  • - large boxes with a capacity of 7 m2 (in a box of this capacity, we are able to store the equipment of a 40-meter flat).


At the same time, as part of the offer for companies, we provide the possibility of storing goods on high-storage racks along with warehouse service and distribution.



Customers interested in using the Euromove Storehouse services are welcome to contact us. Our team will answer all your questions and doubts and help you choose the most optimal option for storing your property.