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Moving an office, especially an industrial plant or production line, is a challenge that many companies are not able to face on their own. Thinking about the business client planning to relocate the company's headquarters or place of business, we offer removals for companies.

Removals for companies is a comprehensive service for business, which is always adapted to the specificity of a given company. All this so that the relocation of an office, warehouse, production line or service premises runs smoothly and does not involve additional costs resulting from property damage during relocation. We carry out relocations of companies in the "door to door" mode, at the same time providing the possibility of using warehouse services. For the needs of our clients, we store furniture and other elements of the company's equipment, among others for the time of renovation of the new premises.

Moving the office in the "door to door" mode

Office removals are very important for the smooth running of the business. Therefore, they should be organized and carried out as efficiently as possible - so that any downtime resulting from the relocation and organization of the office in a new location is as short as possible. The same applies to the relocation of production and warehouse facilities - each additional day of downtime is a loss for the company.

In order to enable the company to return to its core business as quickly as possible, office removals and removals for companies are carried out in the "door to door" mode. It is a comprehensive service that includes: - we pack and secure property for transport, - we transport property to the new headquarters of the company, - we unpack the property, - we assemble furniture, - we utilize unnecessary packaging.

Experience gained in practice, professional technical facilities and the possibility of flexible fleet management enable us to provide services in the most optimal formula for the client. We provide office removals throughout the country and Europe.

Stress-free company relocations

Moving a company generates numerous stressful situations. We want the whole process to run successfully within the assumed time frame, and that all machines and devices reach the new workplace in full. Securing individual elements of equipment during the move and their safe transport is one of the basic challenges when relocating a company.

As an experienced moving company, we offer comprehensive service for your company's relocation - from planning the order of packing your property to organizing a new production or warehouse hall. We have extensive technological facilities, which allows us to safely handle property for various purposes - large-size machines and devices, delicate apparatus and standard equipment for social, warehouse and office interiors.

The scope of services is always adjusted to the needs of a specific company. Removals for companies carried out in this way ensure high comfort at every stage of the project.

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