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Moving to Spain

Moving home can be stressful, especially if you are planning to move to another country. Therefore, for people who are preparing to move internationally, we have prepared an offer of relocation services. We provide relocation services to individual clients and companies posting employees to work outside the home country.


Moving to Spain: Where to start organizing?


Organizing an international move requires completing much more formalities than changing residence within the country. If possible, some of the formalities related to the move, in particular with the transport of property to Spain, should be completed in advance.


What may surprise us?



Traveling within the Schengen Area means that we are very often unaware of the formal issues related to bringing pets, works of art or motor vehicles (passenger cars and motorcycles) into the territory of a given country. It is worth verifying these issues in advance and make sure that our pet has all the vaccinations required in a given country, and we have the necessary documents confirming the ownership of the transported work of art.



Euromove is a professional moving company. For years, we have been successfully handling removals to Spain and other European countries. We support clients in formal matters as well as basic activities related to preparing for relocation. If necessary, we provide a basic information package on site and the assistance of qualified Advisors in "settling in".



Moving to Spain - "door to door" mode


Removals in the "door to door" mode are very popular among customers who care about comprehensive service of the highest quality. As part of the "door to door" offer, we provide:

  • - Consultation with a representative of Euromove,
  • - Assistance in completing all necessary formalities,
  • - Packaging materials: boxes, packages, tapes, foils,
  • - Packing and securing property for transport,
  • - Transport services under the selected variant: transport of furniture, property, specialized transport of pets, transport of works of art, motor vehicles, machines and devices for various purposes,
  • - Unloading at destination,
  • - Furniture assembly,
  • - Disposal of unnecessary packaging.


Please contact us if you are interested in using Euromove's offer. We are convinced that a professionally planned and implemented move to Spain will run smoothly and without unpleasant surprises.