Organisation, order, lack of chaos, no unsavory surprises... just full control. Possible during a move? Many people when thinking about the subject just smile ironically. But our answer is: it's certainly possible with Euromove. All it takes is to start preparing somewhat early and professionally approach the matter.



Some steps which will make it easier are outlined below.


  • Prepare a binder, in which all the important documents will be kept
  • Find a moving company (obviously we recommend ourselves). Take into account what and in what quantity you want to move; whether you're transporting unusual items, large size objects, or pets, or if you'll need to warehouse some or all of your belongings and for how long.
  • Inform the institutions whose services you use (the gas, water, electrical companies, telecommunications, banks, administration, the postal service, publishers with whom you subscribe, etc.) about the address change and pay all your bills. Sign new contracts at your future home.
  • Enroll kids in new schools, find after-school activities for them, etc.
  • If moving abroad, check your documents, vaccinations, visas, etc.
  • Get the appropriate insurance
  • Verify whether your new home is ready to inhabit
  • Prepare transport for your loved ones, book accomodation if need be
  • Arrange care for your kids for during the move
  • Secure valuables from being destroyed/lost, backup medical documentation, computer data, etc.
  • Prepare necessary materials to package your belongings (you can read about the most useful ones on our blog)
  • Gradually get rid of useless items
  • Group belongings thematically (separate the kitchen, living room, etc.) so they could be packaged together and after transport carried into the proper rooms at your new home
  • Clearly label the packaging of your belongings, with a waterproof marker in the most visible spot. It is worth it to collect old newspapers, which can be of use both when packaging or unpackaging goods at your new home.
  • Prepare the necessities (bedding, towels, clothes, cosmetics, medicine, etc.) for the time during which you won't manage to put everything in its place at your new home
  • Clothes on hangers are best packaged with the hangers, and the rest should be rolled, to save space
  • Keep at hand a vacuum cleaner, paper towels, detergent for surfaces and baby wipes
  • Prepare the keys for your new home, and a necessary amount of cash
  • Leave at your old home your contact information for the possible new dwellers, make sure you've shut off the gas, water, electricity, and shut the windows


When arriving at your new home it is worth it however to:


  • Secure all the floors with foil
  • Oversee the unloading of items and put them in the proper places
  • If possible, order groceries online with home delivery
  • Prepare one large cardboard box for all the trash
  • Make sure all the appliances work