Moving within the country - the most important information.

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Moving within the country - the most important information.

A move starts even a few weeks, or months before the planned transport of belongings. Or at least, it should start earlier, if it is to go through reliably and without stress. Anyone, who had at least once to move their belongings from one place to another knows how important good organisation is.


First and foremost you have to decide, what to take with you and what you can get rid of without regret. Life at a new home shouldn't start with stuffing every nook and cranny with things that "might come in handy". No worries - all the empty space will fill up faster than we think ;)


Choose a really good moving company, that offers support and advice at every step that we might need it. Also verify whether the company chosen from the competition has the necessary tools, vehicles, and hires staff that had cut their teeth at shipping, and is therefore trustworthy, or even worthy of recommending to friends that might need their services in the future.


If anyone would ask, we'd recommend... ourselves. Euromove is a recognized, valued company with years of experience, offering various variants of moves, from supporting clients at just any stage (e.g. packaging or just transport, or maybe warehousing) to comprehensive door to door services.


Notify all the institutions servicing us that you'll be changing your address shortly. If you have kids, remember to enroll them in a new school (even though they probably won't want to ).


Start collecting cardboard, bubble wrap, old newspapers and all other materias (a precise list is on our blog - Packaging materials), thanks to which your home might temporarily looks like a paper waste storage facility, but thanks to these materials you'll be able to safely and comfortably transport your belongings to your new home.


If we have kids and can leave them with someone in this critical time, don't hesitate to do so - it will be a comfort that will be worth it.


When packaging your belongings, group things according to a scheme: kitchen items, bedroom, living room... don't mix them, as it will be harder to unpackage later. More advice on packaging can be found on our blog - Planning a move. Clearly label each package, as it will facilitate segregation at your new home. Try to keep calm, however hard it may be after the twentieth box.


Euromove offers help in providing necessary packaging materials and with packaging your belongings, so if you can't manage it yourself, don't hesitate to ask for assistance.


Remember to have a few things which will be useful during travel and for the first few days at a new home, until we unpackage the rest. This means the bedding, towels, medicines, cosmetics, personal hygiene products, wipes, detergents, a vacuum cleaner... just a handful of things.


Prepare your new home for your arrival: lay out foil on the floors if possible, and buy basic groceries necessary to survive the difficult time of digging through your belongings looking for the front door.


If you are interested in unpackaging quickly, Euromove can help you as well. Not only will we put the goods where they should be (which is why we suggest labelling the boxes clearly), but we will help with unpackaging and take the unnecessary packaging away :)


Remember to have some cash at hand and the keys, both for your old and new home, prepared. Say farewell to your old home by shutting all the windows, shutting off the water, gas, and electricity. Leave your contact information behind for the new tenants, if there will be any. It's worth it to have the keys for your new house prepared as well. You'd rather won't want to see the facial expression of the workers who just carried a fridge up 3 flights of stairs, since there was no elevator, change while you nervously pat your pockets, bags, briefcases just to remember that the keys are in a case on an upper shelf in the back of the delivery truck.


Remember - a well thought-out and organised move is a calm move.


We encourage you to contact an Euromove consultant. Every order is treated individually, so there's no worry that something will go not as we would like. A particular client negotiates the most attractive conditions of their particular order - and pays outrageously little.