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A few words about the insurance policieswe provide our clients with

At Euromove we know, how important the belongings you trust us with are, and so we do whatever is necessary to make sure it reaches its destination in the same state we received it.

At every stage of a move, your belongings are in the hands of highly qualified staff, who work at very experienced companies, and equipped with the tools necessary to carry out orders at the highest level of quality. We ensure you belongings are safe in our hands.

There are however situations beyond our control - which is why we offer insurance policies to our clients, which protect the belongings from unforeseen circumstances, resulting from force majeure or damages resulting from the goods' innate characteristics. The insurance covers all risks, during overland, maritime and air transport, from the moment we receive the goods to its release at its destination. The insurance covers all damages during transport and re-loading, as well as possible temporary warehousing, necessary to effectuate the transport.

The insurance policy can vary in its coverage. Its cost depends on the declared value of the goods and their destination.

Get in touch with our consultants, who will hand out detailed information and help you choose the best variant of the policy for your needs..

At client's request, Euromove will provide all the necessary forms and documents to fill out.


We insure, because it's worth it.