Domestic moves - choose a variant for yourself.

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Domestic moves - choose a variant for yourself.

Every client has different needs and expectations, but all have the same goal - a quick end... of the move, of course. It's important it goes smoothly and safely, without any complications or financial extravaganza.

In all of the variants of a domestic move we offer, these criteria are met, which is why our offer satisfies clients.




Is a good solution for those, that can't or don't want to fully involve themselves in the move. Everything is taken care of by our staff. It's the most expensive variant we offer, but the client doesn't have to worry about anything. 


The offer includes:

  • carrying out the move door to door,
  • professionally packaging the belongings, including disassembly of the furniture in a manner that protects them from damages,
  • loading onto the transport vehicle,
  • transport to the destination,
  • unloading,
  • unpackaging the belongings,
  • assembling the furniture,
  • connecting the appliances,
  • gathering and removing the now unnecessary packaging.




Is a variant for those, who'd prefer to do some of the work on their own. Euromove can provide the necessary packaging (either to buy or rent) a few days before the planned move date.


The offer includes:

  • Loading and securing the goods for the time of transport,
  • transport,
  • unloading,
  • picking up the rented packaging at a determined date.




Is a variant in which you yourself prepare and carry out all the stages of the move. We just provide you with a proper vehicle and a driver.


The offer includes:

  • Renting a car and hiring the driver,
  • securing the goods for the time of transport,
  • transport.


It is possible to arrange the service under particular conditions. Get in touch with an Euromove consultant.